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Henan Dazhi Papermaking Equipment & Engineering CO., LTD. (DAZHI PAPER MACHINERY) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Henan Jianghe Paper CO., LTD. (Jianghe Paper). DAZHI PAPER MACHINERY integrates the key technology and rebuild experience from Jianghe Paper on high-speed paper machines with domestic manufacturing resources and is a pioneer in China making high-speed and width paper machines.

In addition to serving the industry with key paper machine parts, DAZHI PAPER MACHINERY provides integration and engineering services for the paper industry ranging from design & engineering, parts integration, field assembly and commissioning, to paper mill turn-key projects. We follow the “short process” concept in implementing the customer’s projects to reduce energy and water consumption in customers’ production and create the best input output ratio for the customers.



Self-reliance for survival;

Comprehensive innovation for development;

Market the innovation, promote the development of the paper industry;


DAZHI product value positioning is different from the traditional papermaking equipment enterprise, in addition to providing self-critical equipment and more importantly, to provide technical services, including engineering, systems integration and equipment upgrade service.