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It's the first time in the past more than 40 years that Selenge Paper has been fully upgraded. The replacement contents include approach flow system, headbox, press section, filmsize press, calender, reel, winder, drive system, and the starch preparation system as well as expansion of DCS system, injecting with lots of new technologies.

JH PM2 Rebuilding

The PM2, which was modified based on the second-hand Voith paper machine, had been running for more than 10 years. As the continuous aging of old equipment, various problems of equipment and production occurred during its operation process resulting in the increased production cost. Also, customers’ requirements for 40-60 g/m2special basepaper were more and more strict due to the constantly saturated market. Therefore, DAZHI PAPER MACHINERY and Jianghe Paper worked together on the technicalinnovation of PM2 to improve the operation efficiency, decrease the energy cost, control the production cost andexpand the paper grades. The detailed contents include the combined shoe press, the replacement of gearing drive by guide roll drive, the application  of closed air hood, the optimization of ventilation system and so on. After upgrading, thePM2 runs well and all the indicators meet the requirement of the expected goals. 
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