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Crown Controlled Calender with Swimming Roll

  "The11th Five-year-plan of China" & "Domestic High-speed Paper Machine Development" project.

■ New soft calender with 5600 mm and 1500 m/min was put into operation in Sep. 2012.

Technical Features

■ Web width Up to 6000 mm.
■ Operation speed Up to 1500 m/min.
■ Linear pressure Up to 300 kN/m.
■ Thermo roll Made of high nickel chilled cast iron and heated by oil; surface temperature: up to 180℃.
■ Soft roll Controllable swimming roll with composite cover, edge temperature real-time detection and cold air cooling.
■ Hydraulic system

Imported valves, manually set linear pressure, automatically oil pressure tracking

nip-close detection with proportional servo control to ensure rolls engaging accurately and synchronously.

■ Control system

Imported PLC, touch screen control, DCS communication with the user.

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