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  • Product: Surface-center Rewinder


Mean Features

■ Unwinding 

   Motorized unwind with airshafts, DC bus, energy-saving and no brake required. 

   Hydraulic clamping and shaftless roll loading, same chucks may be used for both “3” and “6” cores.

■ Winding

   Base plate design, standardized production

   Motor is separated from winding arm to ensure stable winding arm balance

   Rider roll is used to hold paper tail under stop condition; anti-vibration mechanism is used to stabilize winding arms

■ Control

   Machine stops precisely at length setting, maintaining tension during machine stop

   Operation system is simple, running smoothly

   Constant tension, constant pressure control, the perfect realization of the surface-center winding

■ Apply

   Carbonless paper, thermal paper and a variety of cultural papers

   1850-3200 mm    500-1000 MPM

    Especially for slitting paper, carbonless and thermal paper

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