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  • Product: Hydraulic (with Vane) Dilution Headbox


Main Features

 Special CD profile adjusting unit with dilution water to optimize the fibre dispersion and deflocculation. 

 High turbulence generator with special vane design for ideal micro-turbulence to achieve good sheet formation.

 Top slice with accurate adjusting mechanism to uniform fibre orientation.

 Customized design for individual machine.

 Edge flow control system.

 Easy maintenance.


Remanufacture of Headbox

 Rebuilt to dilution controlled headbox.

 Maintain the horizontal and vertical adjustment mechanisms of top slice.

 Check the micro-adjustment mechanisms.

 Polish the internal mirror surfaces, recalculate the flow, replace and rebuild tube tank.

 Replace the slice lip of special material and the micro-adjust mechanisms .

 Adjust the  levelness and relative parallelism of apron plate.

 Polish or replace the apron plate.

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