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  • Product: Film Size Press ( Coater )


Main Features

Film Size Press
 Operation speed: 200-1800 m/min.

 Wide coating range as well as accurate NIP control.
Homogenized CD profile.

 Minimum energy requirement.

 Excellent runnability and high level of finished paper.

 Possibility for different materials and coating weights on

    two sides of paper.


Air Turn 

■ Non-contact web turning to protect the coating surface     

■ Precise tension control to ensure stable web tension after

    coated and improve machine runnability.

■ Fabricated with stainless steel for aggressive



Air Dryer

■ Sine curve web run to stabilize the paper web.

■ High drying efficiency by hot air with high velocity. 

■ Paper web could be floated inside the dryer with small

    web tension, which is good for low gsm paper.

■ Non-contact drying to cure coated surface and reduce        operating problems such as dirts on cylinders and other

    operation issues.

■ Used for papermaking machines and off-machine




Coating Color Pressure Screen

■ Solid stainless steel design screen basket with fine slots

    for high-rank coating color.

■ Rotary cleaning doctor to keep the screen basket clean.

■ Quick top opening design to allow an easy access for the      screen internal cleaning.

■ Used for coating additives system. 

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