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New generation S-Cleaner (Patent: ZL200620029891.4)

Main Features

■ PLC and inverter controll to satisfy the washing law.
■ Using full width reciprocating shower nozzles to replace traditional oscillating shower pipe to ensure a uniform

    cleaning of the forming wire and press felts.

■ Improved the basis weight distribution across the machine.
■ Possible to clean and replace the clogged nozzle during production.
■ Extended the service life of wire and felts by more than 15%.
■ Reduced the consumption of washing water.
◆ Using traditional oscillating shower pipe

        Assume the felt width: 4200 mm
        The number of nozzles: 42 (space = 4200 mm)
 Using S-Cleaner 

        Assume the felt width: 4200 mm

        The number of nozzles: 6
        Saving water by: (42-6) / 42 = 86%
◆ Water consumption at the maximum working pressure (3 MPa); Consumption per nozzle: 1.6 L/min

        The total water consumption: 9.6 L/min with S-Cleaner
■ Reduced the power of electricity.

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