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■ The "INTEGRA- Winder" is the new generation underfeed winder which consists of rewinding machine, trimming

     blower, hydraulic/pneumatic control system as well as electrical control system.


Main Features

■ Modular desigh for minimizing the vibration transmission to ensure a highest slitting precisiong and high-speed


 Slitting unit: top disc knives of pneumatic loading and bottom knives driven by imported external rotor motors, to

    achieve the high precision slitting with an easy operation.

 Winding drums: consisting of a front winding drum and rear winding drum, which are designed with different mass

    to minimize equipment resonance effectively.

■ Core loading: with an automatic feeding device for paper cores and vacuum designing on the rear winding drum,

    to ensure a reliable and quick set change.

■ Control system: with Siemens PLC, touch screen and imported frequency converters used for drive section. DC

    bus design applied for the control systemtoperform a stable and economical operation.

■ The system is of a remote diagnostic function to realize the network remote monitoring by means of accessing the

     remote diagnostic interface or WIFI on site.

■ Operation speed: ≤ 2500 m/min; Maximum web width: 6600 mm.

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