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  • Product: Constant Tension Stretcher


Tension System

■ Tension system is used for the forming wires, press felts and dryer wires of the paper macine. According to

     the structural characteristics of paper machine and felts, the most suitable felt tensioning system 

     is designed and optimized not only to ensure the tensioning function, but also to maintain 

     constant tension automatically. 


Main Features 

■ Paper width: 1092-5600 mm.

■ Operating speed: 100-1500 m/min.

■ Felt tension: 2-10 kN/m.

■ Sensors: quick acting with low resistance, stable performance, accurate tension, and automatically maintain

    permanent tension for paper machine clothes.

■ Patented technology for stable running of the forming wires, press felts and dryer fabrics on high speed paper


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