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■ Web inspection system, as an integrated system, consists of light source technology, image acquisition and

     processing technology, pattern recognition technology, which can inspect the defects of high-speed running paper

     in real time. During the papermaking process, the sooner paper defects are found, the earlier they can be

     eliminated, thus reducing the rejection rate and improving the product quality.


Main Features

■ Using originally imported industrial camera to ensure the accuracy and high efficiency of the image acquisition.

■ Using the best imported LED to ensure high brightness and good uniformity of the light sources.

■ Using the world-class brand computer.

■ Simple and stable frame design as well as automatically rise and fall of light beam are convenient for paper


■ Permanent technical support for customers.


Structure Diagram

1. Line Scan Camera     2. Audible and Visual Alarm    3. Frame    4. Paper Web

5. LED Light           6. Electrical Cabinet         7. Workstation


Defect Samples


System Features

■ Inspection Objects

Non-woven fabric, Coated paper, Cultural paper, Newsprint, Copper plate paper and Cigarette paper ect.

■ Inspection Content

Common types of the paper defects such as bells, black spots, shine spots, welts, crepe wrinkles, crush marks, skipped coating and so on.

■ Operating Speed

Max. 2000 m/min

■ Inspection Accuracy

Max 0.01 mm2

■ Basic Functions

Inspect the paper defects in real time, display the paper-defect images, and then draw the full-size distribution diagram of defects.

Identify the type of paper defects, and calculate the number.

Provide detail informations such as the area, location and time of inspection of the paper defects.

Based on the set parameters, alarm immediately once particular paper defect is found. 

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