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■ It's the first time in the past more than 40 years that Selenge Paper has been fully upgraded. The replacement

    contents include approach flow system, headbox, press section, film size press, calender, reel, winder, drive

    system,  and the starch preparation system as well as expansion of DCS system, injecting with lots of new 


 This upgrade was described by Russia as "the Only Large-scale Project in the History of the Russian Paper

    Industry without Europeans' Participation", which stemmed from the advanced R&D of DAZHI PAPER

    MACHINERY and their full preparation.

■ The successful completion of this innovation project fully demonstrated the strength of DAZHI who dare to

    innovate and accept challenges. DAZHI PAPER MACHINERY has always been serving customers with high

    standards, and is committed to continuously improve product quality and service levels, and pursue better

    performance. The successful transformation of this project is the most powerful testimony, laying a solid

    foundation for the cooperation of a series of subsequent innovation projects and helping the DAZHI PAPER

    MACHINERY successfully knock open the door of the Russian market.

    Let us take the "EURASIAN TRAIN", to Europe, to the world ! 

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