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  • Product: Integra-Shake

Integra-shake unit is one kind of recoilless shaking device controlled by dual-servo drive, and its core consists of four identical eccentric masses. Each eccentric mass could produce an excitation force along the circumference due to the mass off-centering when it rotates around a solid point at high speed. With four eccentric masses rotating simultaneously, their common gravity center can only move along the axial center of the breast roll while forces except the horizontal direction are counteracted by the eccentric masses maintaining the same angles.


Technical Parameters:

Model  Integra-Shake 256  Integra-Shake 660
Shake amplitude   Max. ± 12.5 mm   Max. ± 12.5 mm
Shake frequency   150 - 600 min-1   150 - 600 min-1
Weight   ≦ 3000 kg   2000 - 6000 kg
Shake number   0 - 5000   0 - 5000



The reliable high-quality processing equipment and technology ensure the mechanical precision.

Moreover, the control precision is achieved by means of adopting the Siemens motion controller and servo control system.

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