Integra®- Platform Culture Paper Machine

国家十一五科技支撑计划:“国产高速造纸机的研制”项目(PM6#)  (5600mm/1500m/min夹网靴压文化纸机&稳定车速1350m/min)

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Paper grade: Newsprint, light coated paper, art paper, kraft, etc.
GSM range: 60-400GSM
Max. reel width: 6600 mm
Max. working speed: 1500mpm

PM as shown in the example  is a product  of  “Domestic high speed paper machine research” Project ( PM6#)  (5600mm/1500m/min Culture paper machine with gap former, shoe press and stable speed at 1350m/min) according to the National 11th "Five-Year" Technology Support Plan



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Integra®- Platform Culture Paper Machine

国家十一五科技支撑计划:“国产高速造纸机的研制”项目(PM6#)  (5600mm/1500m/min夹网靴压文化纸机&稳定车速1350m/min)

Integra®-Reel POPE Reel

Pope reel is a finishing equipment in the rear section of the PM line. Paper sheet is reeled by the weight of the reel spool and the friction from the rotation of the cool reel drum, which makes the paper formation better and can satisfy the requirement of different paper grades.

Integra® DS

Main Features We have long-term cooperation with mainstream electrical brand manufacturers in the world today. The components are reliable in quality, stable in performance as well as widely customer-selectable. Our in-depth understanding of high speed paper machines enables us to provide drive systems with accurate speed control and we have references for drive systems on paper machines with highest speeds in China. The drive points are engineered or tailor made to customer's machine construction and product to run on the machine.  Customer engineers may get involved during system implementation including system engineering, configuration, programming and system assembly, thus to give customer better training on the system.  What We Promise: The utmost goal is to save customer's investment and operation cost and to give customer better training.

Integra® DCS

Main Features Adopting the mainstream hardware and software, reliable quality and strong versatility, short preparation period for spare parts. According to our careful research and deep understanding of the pulp and paper making process, we can provide customers with the most compact and efficient automated control system. The complete fusion of the paper machine MCS system and the DCS system ensures that all detections and control componentsof the entire production line are operated under one DCS system. What We Promise: Programming with open-source codes and description logic in Chinese included. ​Customers can assign engineers to participate in the implementation of the DCS system, including the pre-design,configuration programming, HMI design and system assembly, to relize "0" serviceduring system operation. 

Integra® Hydraulic System

Focusing on research and manufacture of high quality hydraulic system for PM press section, sizer, calender, reeler.  

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