Let the equipment run perfectly is the best way to pay tribute to the workers!

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Clear goals, strive to move forward. Every big finger person is constantly working hard and reaping happiness with hard work. The happiness of the big finger comes from the successful operation of the delivered equipment and the full recognition of the customers.

This time, we will locate the address in Zhongshan yongfa paper co., ltd. under the overall arrangement of yongfa paper leaders, and with the technical teams of both sides not afraid of hard work, close cooperation and joint efforts, the technical renovation project of the sizing section of PM5 paper machine has been successfully completed, and our star products have been Integra.®-- Sizer membrane transfer sizing machine, Integra®-Turn air diverter, Integra®-The Screen sizing pressure screen and the feeding station system specially designed for the packaging paper film transfer sizing machine have been successfully put into operation. At the beginning of the start-up, the finished product that meets the technical requirements is produced, and the improvement effect of operating performance and energy consumption is obvious, which is highly recognized by customers.




Big refers to the service of thousands of miles without holidays. What we have to do is to make our equipment successfully put into operation! Crazy call for on-site technicians, everyone who works hard deserves respect.

Salute for the dream of walking you