Peer eleven years, from the trust!

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Cooperation begins with trust.

Recently, in the same competition with a number of European brand equipment, our company Integra®-Jet hydraulic dilution water headbox once again stood out and won the order for PM2 headbox renovation project of Henan Tianbang Technology Co., Ltd. According to the order, the big finger equipment will provide Integra®-Jet hydraulic diluted water headbox replaces its original VOITH headbox to meet the requirements of higher speed operation of the machine and improve production capacity and product quality. Equipment design width 3950mm, speed 1000 m/min, mainly used for the production of cultural paper.




Since Tianbang Technology and Daizhi Equipment held hands for the first time in 2009 (PM1 Paper Machine 3520/800 Film Transfer Sizing Machine), the two sides have understood each other and cooperated deeply. From single key equipment to high-quality service, they have successively cooperated in coating preparation system, chemical addition system and Integra®-WIS online paper disease detection system, paper machine performance improvement key equipment, Integra®-Winder automatic high-speed slitting machines, etc., have become each other's high-quality strategic partners. This year is the 11th year of cooperation between the two sides. Chairman Fan Naiwang deeply lamented this time: "The reason why he chose to cooperate with Big Finger among many European brands is mainly due to the rich operation experience of high-speed paper machines equipped with Big Finger and the good cooperation experience and reputation in the industry. I believe you!"

Big finger equipment is becoming more and more mature in its own way, facing customers with stronger strength, and transforming cooperation into practical results of mutual benefit and win-win results.

About Big Finger Equipment

The value orientation of big finger equipment products is different from traditional paper equipment enterprises. In addition to providing independent key equipment, it is more important to provide technical services, including engineering design, system integration and equipment upgrading services.

Products and services for the paper industry:

1. Provision of whole new equipment or key equipment of paper machine

2. Technical transformation to improve paper machine production efficiency or product quality

3. Engineering design, installation and production commissioning service of paper production line