The belt and road initiative | 100 million yuan level project Central Asia Kaza International Paper 450 tons of packaging paper production line project signed.

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On May 28, 2019, Big Finger Equipment and Central Asia Kasa International Paper (Kasa) signed the "450-ton packaging paper production line per day" project. In the process of project negotiation and signing, the big finger equipment has received strong technical and commercial support from China Light Industry Beijing Design and Research Institute (Beijing Institute) and Kaza International Paper (Shanghai) Branch. At the same time, Dazhi equipment actively cooperates with industry leaders in mutual trust and cooperation, realizing an important step in the "going out" strategy.

The project negotiations span nearly a year, has gone through factory inspection, technical exchanges and business negotiations. The participating parties actively played their own advantages and reached agreement on technical solutions and commercial terms. The Big Finger equipment will provide the entire paper machine line, including the paper machine section from the headbox to the rewinder, MCS,QCS and paper machine vibration monitoring systems. Beijing Institute provides the engineering design of the project.

On May 28, 2019, the project signing ceremony was held in our company. President Jiang of the group company and the middle and senior leaders of the company attended the signing ceremony.


一带一路|亿元级项目 中亚卡莎国际纸业日产450吨包装纸生产线项目签约


一带一路|亿元级项目 中亚卡莎国际纸业日产450吨包装纸生产线项目签约


一带一路|亿元级项目 中亚卡莎国际纸业日产450吨包装纸生产线项目签约


About Big Finger Equipment

Henan Big Finger Paper Integrated Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. (Big Finger Equipment) was established in 2008 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Henan Jianghe Paper Co., Ltd. In the course of the company's development, relying on the industrial advantages of Jianghe Group Corporation, it has invested heavily in product research and development, actively developed modern papermaking equipment, enhanced its own product competitiveness, and realized the leap-forward development from key papermaking equipment to EPC general contracting project; the company established an overseas business department in 2016.