Big Finger Equipment Integrates into "the belt and road initiative" with the Help of "China-Europe Express"

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Recently, in the factory area of Henan Dazi Paper Equipment Integration Engineering Co., Ltd., large trucks one after another unloaded empty containers, directly loaded another container full of paper equipment, and set off.

After being transferred, the paper-making equipment shipped this time will be transported to Russia, a country along the "the belt and road initiative" route, for the 4200mm/600 m/min paper machine renovation project of Ulan-Ude Selenge Paper Factory.

This project is a paper machine transformation project undertaken and completed by Dazhi equipment without European participation in the whole process. The key equipment of paper machines such as pressing department, calender, paper winder, rewinder, film transfer sizing machine, air steering device, water detection and control system before sizing, paper introduction system, etc. involved in the project are all independent intellectual property products of Dazhi equipment and will be sold to European countries.

The completion of this project demonstrates the pioneering and enterprising spirit of Big Finger Equipment in the paper industry, demonstrates the confidence of Big Finger Equipment to continue to enter the overseas market, and indicates that Big Finger Equipment will usher in another bumper year!