Big Finger Equipment Film Transfer Sizing (Coating) Machine Won "Three Signs"

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On July 17, our company formally signed a contract with Taian Baichuan Paper Co., Ltd. on the film transfer sizing machine project, becoming the third sign this week after the successful signing of Xinxiang Xinya Paper Group Co., Ltd. and Liaoning Zhenxing Ecological Paper Co., Ltd., and reaping the "three consecutive signs" of the film transfer sizing machine at one stroke.

After nearly ten years of rapid development of China's paper industry, some products have overcapacity, unit cost increase and increasingly fierce market competition have become the new normal of industry development. In order to cope with this new normal, energy saving and consumption reduction, optimization of product structure and equipment upgrading have become the necessary options for today's paper enterprises. The sizing process is the key to improve product quality and realize product diversification for paper-making enterprises, and the availability and quality of sizing equipment restricts the trend of optimizing product structure for paper-making enterprises, so increasing sizing equipment or upgrading the original sizing equipment has become a trend.

[Introduction of membrane transfer sizing machine]]

Film transfer sizing is a rod-type sizing equipment, which is different from the traditional double-roller weir pool sizing press. The sizing liquid or coating is expected to be measured on the sizing roller through the metering rod to form a uniform adhesive film. When the paper web passes through two opposite rotating sizing roller pressure zones, the adhesive film is transferred to the paper web. Due to the expected amount of the film, thin and uniform, the hydraulic pressure on the paper web in the press zone is reduced, the broken end is reduced, and the continuous running performance of the paper machine is improved.

In the traditional size press, with the increase of the speed, prone to uneven feeding, paper broken or wrinkle phenomenon, and the film transfer sizing machine to overcome these shortcomings. The film transfer sizing machine can be applied to surface sizing, pigment sizing and coating, and the sizing/coating amount can be 0.5-12g/㎡ on both sides, which is suitable for multiple paper types. It can be applied to both sides of a coating at the same time, can also be applied to both sides of different coatings at the same time, and can also be applied to a paper surface at a time, with a high degree of flexibility, which is very practical in the production of special paper.

The characteristics of membrane sizing machine are summarized as follows:

n Good running performance;

n Large adjustment range of sizing;

n The amount of sizing is less affected by vehicle speed;

n The amount of sizing is less affected by the solid content of the compound;

n The amount of sizing is less affected by the absorption properties of the paper sheet;

n The amount of sizing is less affected by the moisture of the sizing base paper;

n The paper web is less broken;

n Reduce the energy consumption of the rear drying section;

n The sizing machine can also operate normally under the condition of high moisture content of the paper web;

n The amount of sizing on both sides of the paper can be different.

[Brief introduction of cooperative customers and cooperation process]]



Xinya Paper Group is an enterprise group that focuses on pulping and papermaking, integrating cogeneration of heat and electricity, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, logistics and commerce, machinery manufacturing, forest base development, and comprehensive management of environmental protection. It is a leading enterprise in the paper industry in Henan Province and a provincial circular economy. Pilot enterprises, top 30 national pulp and paper enterprises, Chinese enterprise reform demonstration unit, China Pulp and Paper Research Institute test base. The products include three series of cultural paper, packaging paper and household paper. The main varieties include coated white cardboard, offset printing paper, writing paper, full wood pulp color offset paper, beige forest paper, electrostatic copy paper, computer typing paper, corrugated base paper (high strength, special for refrigerated boxes), coated base paper, etc.

The company's six branch plants currently use the traditional oblique row sizing machine-high energy consumption, broken ends and uneven sizing. In view of the existing problems, the leaders of Xinya Paper Industry have been preparing for the transformation of the paper machine sizing section since February 2014. After 17 months of market investigation and understanding, the film transfer sizing machine produced by our company has won the recognition of customers with its high cost performance.



Liaoning Zhenxing Ecological Paper Co., Ltd. is affiliated to Liaoning Zhenxing Ecological Group. The group's business involves ecological breeding, agricultural planting, real estate development, financial investment, preschool education and many other industries. It has 6 wholly-owned subsidiaries and is also a large private shareholder of Panjin Commercial Bank. The group has more than 2000 employees and total assets of 3.5 billion yuan. The annual output value of the 2009 is 1.6 billion yuan, and the tax paid is 0.1 billion yuan.

Liaoning Zhenxing Ecological Paper Co., Ltd. is a large-scale enterprise integrating reed raw material base, pulping and paper production. It was established in 2007 with a registered capital of 0.57 billion yuan. It is located in Dongguo Paper Industrial Park, Liaohekou Economic Zone, Panjin City, Liaoning Province. It has the largest reed wetland in China and even in the world, with an area of 1.2 million mu and a total annual output of more than 500000 tons of reeds. As an alternative raw material for wood in the paper industry, reed has a short production cycle (one year) and is a very good non-wood fiber variety. Panjin rich reed resources for the development of the company's paper industry provides a unique guarantee of raw materials. The company has been in November 17, 2009 full line of production.




Pre-assembly and on-site use of vitalizing ecological membrane transfer sizing machine

The film transfer sizing machine signed between Henan Dazi Company and Liaoning Zhenxing Ecological Paper Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhenxing Paper) is the second cooperation between the two parties. In 2014, Zhenxing Paper Company signed a film transfer sizing machine with Dazi Company after various investigations in order to solve the problem of powder falling out of cultural paper produced by 1# machine (2640/600 m/min) and improve production efficiency, after more than a year of stable operation, we are very satisfied with the membrane transfer sizing produced by Dazi Company and the services provided. Now the two sides have started the second cooperation.



Taian Baichuan Paper Co., Ltd. was established in 2002. It is a special paper R & D and production enterprise under Shandong Energy Group. It has 8 advanced special paper production lines and a mature technical talent team, with a production capacity of 120000 tons. Products include: parchment paper, light paper, carbon-free base paper, dictionary paper, biblical paper, stainless steel lining paper, gold foil base paper, gypsum board face paper, yarn tube paper, rolled insulation base paper, release paper and other ten categories of dozens of specifications.

The company has passed the ISO9000, ISO14000, OHSAS18000 "Trinity" certification and clean production audit, through the FSC forest environmental protection system certification. Parchment paper occupies 40% of the domestic market and is exported to the three continents of Europe, America and Australia; light paper is well-known for its brand advantages in Beijing and Shanghai, where the publishing and printing industry is concentrated and the market competition is fierce.



Taian Baichuan Paper Industry Site

Baichuan paper industry original glue equipment for the traditional immersion type glue machine, equipment single function and high energy consumption, easy to break the head, in the current paper industry competition in the white-hot stage glue quality has been unable to meet the market demand. In order to maintain the advantages of the company's special paper, reduce production costs, and at the same time leave room for the diversification of the company's machines in the future, since January 2013, we have exchanged views with the Big Finger Equipment Company on the issue of changing the immersion sizing machine into a film transfer sizing machine. After many interactions, consultations and comparisons between the two sides, we have reached cooperation.