Dazhi to deliver another Integra®- Calender to Qiangwei Paper

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We sincerely thank the customer for supporting and trusting in this difficult situation due to the world pandemic. Following the successful signing of our core product Integra®- Sizerwith Rongsheng Environment online, another core product Integra® - Calender hard calenderwas once again favored by Shanxi Qiangwei Paper Co., Ltd., and both sides have completed the online contract for one set of new crown controlled hard calender. Dazhi Integra®- Calender will be installed at Qiangwei’s PM4 production line that produces gypsum facing paper, of which paper trim width is 3950 mm and design speed is 950 m/min.

Thanks to a long-term relationship and successful cooperation in the past, Dazhi has reached an agreement with Qiangwei Paper again. Dazhi promises that we will keep up our efforts to offer prompt and effective equipment in line with all types of production demand.

Calendering, the last step affecting finished paper, can effectively improve surface characteristics of paper, control the thickness of  paper, compact the surface of paper and improve the structure of paper, of which the smoothness and glossiness are the most important. Integra®-Calender hard calenderhas become the first choice for more and more high-quality customers as numerous successful operation cases and excellent performance no matter in the field of culture papers or specialty paper.

About Shanxi Qiangwei Paper

Shanxi Qiangwei Paper Co., Ltd. is a private papermaking enterprise with a 300kt/a plaster liner board project–a key investment attraction project in Shouyang County, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province. It’s located in Shouyang Industrial Park covering an area of about 211,600 m2with nearly 3 billion assets. The project is constructed in two phases and the main body includes production line, boiler room, self-provided power plant and sewage treatment plant, warehouse of raw and auxiliary materials and finished products, office and living building with its facilities, etc.