New starting point • New journey • New performance

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Welcome 2020

A new starting point, a new journey, the first order of big finger equipment was successfully put into operation in the opening year. it came from Anhui Xiao county linping paper co., ltd. and was Integra provided by our company.®-Sizer film transfer sizing machine and ancillary equipment have been successfully put into production recently, and the paper quality has met customer expectations and won unanimous praise.

The equipment is used to produce cardboard paper with a net paper width of 5600mm and a design speed of 1000 m/min. After being put into production, it can effectively save costs for customers and improve production efficiency.

Big finger equipment is committed to the film transfer glue machine and ancillary equipment research and development, production, use for up to 15 years, equipment effectively help wide, high-speed packaging paper machine efficient production, has been more and more high-quality customer choice.


新起点 • 新征程 • 新业绩


>>>> >>>> About Lin Ping of Xiao County <<<< <<<<<

anhui xiaoxian linping paper co., ltd. was founded in 1994, the company is located in anhui xiaoxian shengquan township north village. The company has four high-strength corrugated and cardboard paper production lines (3800mm paper machine 1, 4000mm paper machine 1, 4600mm paper machine 1, 4800mm paper machine 1), with a total production capacity of 450000 tons/year. After the No. 6 machine is put into operation, the company's corrugated and boxboard paper production capacity will reach 1 million tons/year, becoming another large-scale packaging paper manufacturer in Anhui Province after Maanshan Eagle Paper.

>>>> >>>> About Big Finger Equipment <<<< <<<<<

The value orientation of big finger equipment products is different from traditional paper equipment enterprises. In addition to providing independent key equipment, it is more important to provide technical services, including engineering design, system integration and equipment upgrading services.

Products and services for the paper industry:

1. Provision of whole new equipment or key equipment of paper machine

2. Technical transformation to improve paper machine production efficiency or product quality

3. Engineering design, installation and production commissioning service of paper production line