[Two Cities in a row] The PM3 & PM5 Film Transfer Sizing Machine Transformation Project of golden phoenix Paper Industry has been put into production one after another

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Recently, following the successful commissioning of the PM7A membrane transfer and sizing machine renovation project, the golden phoenix Paper and Daizhi Equipment Project teams have made persistent efforts and successfully completed the Integra-Sizer of PM3 & PM5 low-quantity and high-strength corrugated paper production lines on schedule.®Modification of membrane transfer sizing machine and ancillary equipment.

The excellent service full of technology and responsibility shows the strength of the enterprise, and what is planted is the brand influence and sustainable development of the enterprise. Big Finger Equipment Integra-Sizer®The film transfer sizing machine contributes to the efficient production of high-speed paper machines. The successful operation cases are numerous and the operation effect is stable. It has become a better choice for more and more domestic and foreign customers.




About Big Finger Equipment

The value orientation of big finger equipment products is different from traditional paper equipment enterprises. In addition to providing independent key equipment, it is more important to provide technical services, including engineering design, system integration and equipment upgrading services.

Products and services for the paper industry:

1. Provision of whole new equipment or key equipment of paper machine

2. Technical transformation to improve paper machine production efficiency or product quality

3. Engineering design, installation and production commissioning service of paper production line

About Golden Phoenix Paper

Golden Phoenix Paper was established in 2006. At present, it has two production bases, Wuhan Golden Phoenix Paper and Golden Phoenix Paper (Xiaogan) Co., Ltd., which produce more than 150 million tons of tile paper of various specifications annually. It is a benchmark enterprise for tile paper production and the chairman unit of Hubei Paper Association.