Good News: Big Finger Equipment for Golden Phoenix Paper Integra-Sizer Film Transfer Sticking Machine Successfully Operated

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Recently, with the active cooperation and joint efforts of the technical personnel of golden phoenix Paper and the big finger equipment service team, our company has provided its PM7A(5260/850) with Integra-Sizer film transfer sizing machine for smooth feeding operation. The operation efficiency and energy saving effect have reached the customer's expectations and are highly recognized.

This technical reform is the golden phoenix paper industry in order to consolidate its position in the tile paper industry, for the tile paper low quantitative market trend to do the active adjustment, aimed at solving the low gram weight production of immersion type glue broken more, high steam consumption problems. Big Finger Equipment has undertaken the equipment and services related to the transformation of its 5 production line sizing machines. At present, the transformation of the remaining production lines is being carried out in an intense and orderly manner. Please pay attention.


捷报:大指装备为金凤凰纸业提供的Integra-Sizer 膜转移施胶机成功运行